Dan's Furniture Mod for 0.14.0 is now out!

Dan's Furniture Mod!

This is my official webpage to release my addon, Dan Furniture Mod

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What is Dan Furniture Mod?

Dan Furniture Mod Is a Addon that adds tons of new Furnitures in to Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android. This mod will not be updated anymore, but there will be another mod in the future

just a little teaser :)

How to use the Mod

You guys don't need a inventory editor nor too many items mod, all the furnitures are in creative! They are at lowest tab (scroll down all the way to botton) but they don't have icons and names yet, it will be fixed soon!

Install the Mod

You can download the mod by pressing button below (Mediafire recommended) Note that this is NOT a ModPE script therefore you DO NOT extract the downloaded apk file, all you have to do is installing the apk file then you are done.THIS MOD IS NOT FOR IOS, sorry!

Currunt : Version 4 (0.14.x)

This download includes my latest piston mod which is in beta, and sucks alot to be released by it self :P

Known Bugs

• You crash when you try to sit on a furniture block

Before Sharing This Mod To Websites

DO NOT post the link to the direct download, ONLY link to this website please!

Having Difficulties?

-My Minecraft crashes!

First read the Known Bugs section! Make sure you are using the latest block launcher & minecraft pocket edition version

-Your mod don't get installed properly!

You should open the .apk file with your file browser, app installation pop-up will show, press install

-The mod shows up as Texturepack!

You do not install it from block launcher you install it from your file manager or something, and you especially don't change files format nor try to extract the file

Did not help?

please contact me @ DanHerePE on Twitter

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